Gary, Cathy - Christmas 2011 036I am a Christian woman just entering the ‘winter’ season of life, (60-80 yrs. old), who loves exhorting, teaching and counseling women from Scripture based on Titus 2.  I enjoy time with my husband and married children, love dogs and horses, reading, music, camping, and road trips.  I currently care for my elderly mother, who is homebound, and am learning many lessons in humility and servanthood as a result.  Hobbies include occasional scrapbooking, extremely amateur photography, baking, and, once more time is freed up in my life, would like to experiment with some healthy gourmet cooking.

Husband: Gary, retired United States Marine, currently a Funeral Director, occasional lay pastor, and all around best man i’ve ever known!

Children: Tara: our oldest, a Navy Nurse (15 years now), living on the West coast with her husband Gregg, (Col. USMC -Ret.), who is an FDIC bank inspector, and with dog, Huck

Erin: our youngest, wife and nanny (currently), living on the East coast with her husband, Thomas, who is in seminary at Westminster.

Other tidbits:i am not a naturally organized person; thus having a ‘routine’ is essential for me!

Love the North Dakota Badlands; [Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, ND]….have spent many hours there filming bison, wild horses, deer, elk, etc… It’s my “go-to” place when i want to get away and get ‘refreshed’.

Hope to be raptured!  Anytime soon would be fine with me!

Would love, someday, to move to Beaufort, S.C., but that’s not likely.  Will be content to visit.  Don’t want to spend retirement years in Dickinson…we’ll see what God wants!


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