Awhile back i blogged about complacency and the lack of individual daily ‘action’ on the part of us Christians to spur on our spiritual growth; i cited our lack of individual commitment, on a daily basis, to read and meditate on God’s word, and to also actively “put to death” the old self.

There is another reason, i believe, for the complacent attitude amongst us. It has to do with leadership, teaching, and examples.

Having lived in various places and been a part of various churches; we have been very blessed to belong to churches with strong leadership amongst both men and women, sound exegetical preaching, and godly examples to follow. However, having visited other churches, before finding these more mature, sound churches, we have also experienced watered-down teaching, biblically unqualified leadership, and rather poor, or immature ‘examples’.

We need to hear God’s Word, clearly taught….even when the message may ‘sting’ by way of conviction….or a precept that we were not aware of is presented to us; that makes us realize we need to change our views or thoughts, or an area of our lives. We need to be strengthened by God’s Word, so that we may face the world, the flesh and the devil, more fully equipped and armed; rather than made weak by “surface” or slothful or “politically correct” teaching. We need to desire to be godly examples ourselves, so that a future generation or even our own generation may be encouraged to embrace godliness themselves.

Since i address women and women’s issues; i would ask each woman who may read this to ask the following questions:

– Am i a godly example?

– Am i working towards being a godly example if i’m not currently one now?

– What must i do in order to be that model; that example to others?

i would encourage women to start in their homes first and foremost! Read Titus 2:3-5…and seriously meditate on what these verses are saying. Ask yourself the following:

Am i reverent? Do i gossip? Do i secretly imbibe too much wine (or any type of alcohol)? Am i an encourager to others? Do really i show love to my husband? To my children? Am i sensible? Am i pure…(in thought and motives), as well as in deed? Do i tend to my household well? Am i kind?
Am i truly subject to my own husband? Or, am i a bit rebellious, non-compliant or non-submissive, thus bringing dishonor to the Word of God?

Thought-provoking questions….ones that it would do well for ALL of us to review regularly, no matter our level of maturity or how long we have been a Christian.

Cling to sound teaching; look to be a ‘loving leader’ of children and other women; strive to be the best godly example you can be each day. How we need it! And how blessed our lives will be if we throw off the blanket of complacency and embrace the mantle of godliness and commitment!