CBR001189 i realize my last 2 blogs were rather long; this one is much shorter; i promise. i get asked often about child training/discipline. i have written lessons on this topic, but what i want to do here is simply recommend, what i believe, is one of the very best books on child rearing/training.

i highly recommend J. Richard Fugate’s book “What the Bible says about…Child Training.”

This book answers some of the following questions about:

* How to be a success at parenting, and thus receive God’s promised blessings

* How to set standards and then train up a child in the way he/she should go

* How to teach children according to their stages of development.

* Understanding and controlling a child’s negative behavior traits

* How you, in practical terms, express true love to your child

* Identifying and conquering a child’s rebellion

* How to punish/chastise a child justly and in love

* Producing well-adjusted, self-confident, biblically moral young adults who are prepared to live successful lives.

This book is based on Scripture; the only standard by which God expects us to train children. You will not find man’s “psychology” sprinkled in amongst biblical principles and precepts. What you will find is common sense and practical advice gleaned by the author from Scripture . If ever there were a time the church needed revival, it’s now. But i don’t believe true revival will happen in the church until it happens in our homes….and especially as regards the relationship of husband and wife….and the training up of our children! Do i hear an “Amen!” ?