As i write today, i am praying God will grant me clarity and focus. i write with great concern after watching a show i “happened upon”.

The show dealt with the authors of 2 books; “Proof of Heaven” and “Dying to Be Me”; about 2 people who supposedly went to heaven while in comas and returned.

i know, as Christians, we are still curious as to what heaven is really like. God chose to give us only a glimpse; and while i have an idea for part of the reason why God did not go into great detail; i am not going into that here. i have a very grave concern, (pardon the pun), about these ‘near-death’ experiences. i have read other books about the phenomenon….and i am quite skeptical…even with those written by Christians.

Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who was in a coma for 7 days, wrote “Proof of Heaven” and Anita Moorjani, a Hindu who was dying of cancer and was in a coma for 30 hours were interviewed. They described being in a place where they felt complete and total love…and colors and beauty beyond anything experienced here on earth. One heard a melody unlike music here on earth; the other “saw” deceased relatives and spoke with them. One was miraculously healed of her disease; the other; it wasn’t clear whether the healing was attributed to medicine or a miracle, from what i heard. The message that came back was this: “we are loved…and the most important thing is love…and relationships….and that we are enough.” (quote, unquote). You may be asking, “Ok, so what’s wrong? So far, so good.”

NOT good, in my opinion, nor good, if i really understand my Bible and what God has said, from God’s perspective either. First, one person was Hindu, the other a scientist, who was quite skeptical about ‘religion’. NOT ONCE, during the whole interview was there a mention of Jesus, actually, not even a mention of God Himself. All that was talked about was this “feeling” of unconditonal love. Neither person ever expressed “meeting God”, at least in this interview, and in particular, Jesus Christ. i don’t know what may have been written in their books regarding God, but i have a feeling i already know; having read books on near-death experiences in years past. The Dr. kept saying, “it’s just ‘love’ that matters”, and that “We are enough!”, whatever that means.

JESUS SAID: “I am THE way, the TRUTH and THE LIFE, and NO ONE comes to the Father, except by ME!” (John 14:6, emphasis mine) If, as Holy Scripture clearly teaches, that Jesus is the only means by which we receive eternal life…and ultimately, enter heaven, then either what Jesus said is true or it isn’t. It applies to everyone world-wide, since Scripture teaches that He died for “the sins of the whole world”( 1st John 2:2, NAS, NIV, KJV translations). Neither of these people even alluded to or breathed the name of Jesus, or God in this interview.

i suspect one of two things happened: either satan or his ‘messengers’ (demonic beings), disguised themselves as “angels of light”, (please reference 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15), and deceived these people…or, in their unconscious, or comatose state, their brain function created hallucinations and/or these feelings. Personally, i greatly suspect the latter; but do not discount the devil and his ability to deceive. i found, on Kindle, a rebuttal to “Proof of Heaven”, entitled “A Christian Rebuttal to Dr. Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven”, which i am ordering as soon as i finish this blog.

Beware, fellow Christians, of our curiosity over things about which the Bible is either silent, or does not address in detail. We, too, can be led astray in areas of our lives by being uninformed and thoughtless about what the whole counsel of God’s Word says. My heart is most concerned about those who may not currently embrace Christ as their Savior. Oh, how i pray this type of thing does not further dull minds, or lead people into believing, that it doesn’t matter what one believes as long as they live a ‘good’ or decent life….or are “”loving”. Some of you may question my statements. Some of you may be asking, “Ok, Cathy, but what about those who have never heard about Jesus?” Well, i will address that in another blog; i promise. In fact, that will be my next blog….and i hope to show you clearly what the Bible teaches and why Jesus is the only way to God…and to heaven. Until then, may the eyes of our hearts be illuminated with HIS truth.