i’ve been asked why i chose the title “cracked pot”.  A long while back, i heard Patsy Clairmont talk about seeing a cracked pot and telling God she felt like that pot….useless and broken.  Then God, in the stillness, seemed to speak to her and say “Patsy…it’s through the ‘broken pots’ that my light shines through”.  That stuck with me.   That, and i once had a very lovely marble pot that developed a crack, but the crack in it actually made it more lovely with the marble pattern that was naturally there.

Then there’s my family who think i’m sometimes a tad “cracked”, or daffy or goofy….and yes, i’m naturally, a blonde.

Those things made me think how God does reach down to us in our brokenness.  Often, it is only when we are broken, in some area…or even totally broken, that God can really work in us; either to clean out the leftover debris from being broken….or, to shine brighter; like a luminary in a cracked pot! And he also uses us right where we are, however ‘cracked’ we are.

It is a paradox, to be sure, that out of the ‘”cracks” of pain, God can bring forth more joy than we thought possible.  That is why James says, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” ( James 1:2-4)  Perfect and complete here mean “mature”.  The Amplified Bible states it thus:  “Let endurance….have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be ….fully developed [with no defects]…”  Too bad so many of us, myself included, whine about the trials, wanting, it seems, to remain underdeveloped babies!  Oh, how many times have i wanted to just stay ‘safe’ in a cocoon and yet, God has used trials to push me out, so i’d grow those butterfly wings and learn to ‘fly’!

Why do i not capitalize my “I’s” when writing?  This may sound silly, but by typing a small “i” instead of “I”, it’s to remind me that i am not of first importance.  An attempt to remember to “clothe myself in humility”….to put others first….to write not to draw attention to myself, but to focus on the Lord and others.  Just my personal reminder.  Being human, i don’t always succeed at this effort, but…for me it is a visible reminder of how i am supposed to be thinking.  (And please no comments about “clothing myself in humility”….those are words straight out of Scripture. [1Pet.5:5] )   i was once chided about using the phrase ‘clothing myself in humility’, the person doing so misunderstanding my meaning.  i’m not talking about “acting” humble.  The humble person doesn’t need to “act”.  But…i was talking about a conscious attitude of regarding others as more important; of taking the focus off of self. Hmmm….maybe i’ll do some exposition on that phrase at a later date, to draw out the “meat” of Scripture and chew on it!)

Speaking of chewing…it’s time for dinner!  Catch ya’ later…..and let God’s light shine through your cracks!  You never know who may need that light!  Keep shinin’….        Winter peace