Is it just me, or are we Christians becoming more complacent?  I had blogged on a blog that no longer exists, about Pursuing Righteousness, (see 2Tim. 2:22), and “fleeing youthful lusts”, but as i look at the Christian culture; i see, more and more, that is the exception rather than the rule.

We are told in Ephesians to “lay aside” or “put off” the old self….and “to put on the new self” and in Colossians 3, to “put aside various sins….and put on the new self….to put on godly qualities.

These are action words, meaning we must take action!  Paul told us to “put on the full armor of God…”  I see too many of us just letting life happen to us, responding half-heartedly, compromising; falling prey to the lure of our worldly cultures.  Why?  Why do we not look more like the early church?  Why are we not so godly that those who slander us, or malign us, are not silenced by our godly attitudes and behavior???

i believe it boils down to commitment vs. complacency.  Am i committed each day to serving my Lord and others?  Am i determined to lay aside, to cast off ANYTHING that hinders my walk with Christ?  Am i willing to be clothed with humility towards others?  Am i willing to do whatever it takes to daily make time to be with the Lord; real, intimate time; not just reading some short devotion, saying a quick prayer and saying “See ya’ later, God!”?

I also think there is another reason for this complacent attitude, which i will explore in a following blog, but i do think we must have an active faith; a committed faith.  Only then can His light truly shine through us and bring glory to Him!