Have you ever heard women lamenting about not having a ‘close’ friend, or a “kindred spirit”?  Well, i have….and I don’t understand it, but God has blessed me with 3 such women, one of them in particular, being Kate.  (You may hear about the other two in later blogs).

Kate set up this blogsite for me and is designing it; something she considers ‘fun’…and I consider ‘torture’, (thus, the absence of me blogging for years after i quit Xanga).  I am technologically challenged; Kate is a techno whiz, from my perspective, anyway.  You may be thinking, “But, wait!  You said you were kindred spirits!?”

Being a kindred spirit has nothing to do with having the same talents or gifts, necessarily.  I do believe Kate and I share the spiritual gifts of teaching and exhortation.  And that does bind us together in one area.  But, it’s more of a God-led thing.  He just brought us together at a point in our lives; and we share deep-down, from-the-heart passions about the similar issues of life.

Though separated by miles…and even when communication is absent for a time, Kate & I can pick up right where we left off.

THANK YOU, KATE, for being my kindred spirit.  For your unselfishness in this blogging venture, for your sweet ways, for your encouragement, for your forthrightness in sharing God’s Word….just for being my sister and “Forever Friend”.

I love you, Darling Sister. (And now may the Lord make sure to give you a dose of humility….tee hee!)  For all eternity…your sister in Christ, Cathy